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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lovely Ms. Mukherji

This is a quick post inspired by Rani Mukherji's cover picture on Filmfare, which I chanced upon yesterday. I am an unabashed fan of her talent and beauty....!
How beautiful she looks here and also inside (though a less of photo-shopping would be preferable). Love her styling...the outfit, hair, accessories...all of it!
Here's wishing more of her on celluloid this year!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

If I could...Musings on a cold, grey day...

I have always had mixed feeling about these cloudy, cold, grey looking days. On some such days, it dampens my spirits so, the dullness seems to seep into the core of my soul, casting a gloomy shadow over everything. Everything looks bleak...unpromising..a dreadful shadow of a life looms over me. Well, I am not one of these cheerful optimists (who sometimes tire me with their over-bright outlook)...so no surprises there!
Then again, strangely, I actually enjoy some such days. They may not be sunny and lively but an odd day like this seems so..well..." mine". It resonates somewhere with an inner me...with its romantic air, a mysterious sadness about it.....a stillness about it which attracts me, like its inner eye has seen it all and so it cannot prance around with the sun shining bright.
Well, today is not one of those days...it's depressing me!!So here I am, on a dull, cloudy day, wishing it were not so dreary....and while I look at the cheerless world through my window, I wonder what can I do, if I could, to make it beautiful. Here's my wish list, what is yours?

1.Pretend I am seventeen again and day-dream about the unending possibilities of my future. Write my imaginary life through many alternative endings:-)

2.Call my best friend, open a bottle of wine and just talk....make like really frilly, frivolous conversation...long into the night!

3.Call my husband home from office , in the middle of the day, feel really special and paint the town red with him...exploring some new exotic eatery, shopping, getting spoilt!

4.Someone makes me a hot cup of ginger tea and I lounge around the house with my favorite piece of fiction!

5.Someone with intense eyes reads Pablo Neruda's poetry to me...(Is Chandru reading this..:-))

6.Some serious retail therapy in luxurious stores which smell divine and make you feel so special......the likes of LV and Jimmy Choo!

7.Watch my favorite movies...and rewind to watch Amitabh and Rekha smoulder in Silsila again and again!

...these are on my list. I am sure we all have one...a list of things we would do on a day like this to brighten the spirits. So, tell me yours!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Musings and ramblings...: Conversations...or Not! Overheard in my gym lock...

Musings and ramblings...: Conversations...or Not!

Overheard in my gym lock...
: "Conversations...or Not! Overheard in my gym locker room (golf course club)....here goes: 2 women who have just showered and are getting dr..."
Conversations...or Not!

Overheard in my gym locker room (golf course club)....here goes:
2 women who have just showered and are getting dressed---

Woman 1 (taking her watch etc out of the locker and putting them on)---- Oh see what I got with my "kitty" money this time, a diamond pendant. (Flashes her new pendant) You know I thought why buy clothes etc, I mean at least this has some value!

Woman 2 (checking out the pendant thoroughly and then with a nonchalant expression)---Well, I don't know...I mean I do not buy or wear jewelry as such..except Solitaires. I realised my personal preference and ...also solitaires are the most "valuable" of all jewellery. See these earrings I got on Diwali.
(Now, here please note total lack of any comment on the pendant shown by her friend woman 1)

Woman 1 (looking like a deflated balloon but quickly gathering her forces around)---Yes, true, they do look graceful but one must have variety also...and have you moved to your Aralia house (probably the most sought after address in the city today) already? We also want to buy property there...though 'i do not know..i mean we are so used to living in big bungalow, having lived in delhi earlier, you see. We will move maybe, but still i will never sell this house.

(See, she was down but not out. By immediately changing the topic to Aralias, she at once declared intentions to buy a flat in one of the most expensive properties, flaunted her high-life in a huge bungalow and also established that acquisition in Aralias will not come at the cost of her old home....see she could afford both)

Woman 2 (looking bored while thinking of a quick and better come-back)---there are hardly any flats available for sale now....people love it here so much, plus its a great investment. Also, flats are soooo big that you need at least 3-4 domestic help. 

(Desperately she tried to establish her social superiority, even if it means implying more number of servants in the house:-)).

By now my sense of humour was stretched to its limits...enough silent laughs, irritation was taking over so I decided to quietly walk out ..(anyway I could not pretend to brush my hair anymore while silently listening to this totally whacked-out exchange!

The above is real, my friends, no embellishments! A small example of conversations in modern suburban India. Depressing, but true!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's here ..Spring 2011, so what does your wardrobe look like this season?

This spring-summer gear up for a trip back to the nostalgic, glamorous '70's, yet again! There is something about the 70's fashion which is so youthful, with its  free-spirited bohemian air and glamorous look , that so appeals to me. In part, it is nostalgia for our generation as well, having seen our moms and aunts in those flowing maxis, bell-bottoms, over-sized tinted glasses and of course Zeenat Aman swaying sensuously to Dum Daro Dum:-)

From the runways of Guccis to the look-book of top hi-street brands like Topshop and H&M, we have seen the 70's inspired trends...and here's a quick snap-shot of what I found interesting and worth shopping for.

Flowy maxis---This is one trend the boho in me loves...loose, carefree yet stylish. The twist in trend this season is that maxis go sheer...so go play peek-a-boo!...and the fabrics are slinky, glamorous,diaphanous,shimmery..!Love, love,love!!


Flared legs and bell-bottoms----So, finally it is "skinny" no more!! Before you raise a manicured eyebrow, well, skinny silhouette is kind of here to stay but good news for those who are bored of it is that you can spice up your wardrobe with some "Flare":-).(sigh of relief!!) Some of it we saw even in 2007-08...but this season is not about the
baggy ones at all. I love this picture on left...so very 70's spirit!
While we experiment with trouser hems this season, (and give the "skinny" a run for its money), it is natural to see wide-legged pants as well.Sharp, tailored and high to mid-waist is the look. Though a fashionable trend, its not favoured by most of us for various reasons.
I personally prefer its resort-y interpretation, the Palazzo pants, which is also a key trend of the season. Go lounge around in a drapey jersey number or sizzle in a sexy sheer one! Get the edgy look, pair it with platforms and a floppy hat!!

Organic Pallazos

Dior Sp'11

 Jump-suits-- They are in...they are out..is what we have been hearing over past couple of years now....well, this season they are HERE again! In all lengths, from almost hot-pants lengths to full-length, these one-piece wonders will hog the lime-light. From play-suits to jump-suits, printed to solid tones...all variety and hues!

So, girls, check your wardrobe...complement and supplement...and go shine in the spring sun in all that's beautiful and stylish!!!

Watch this space for more....!

Monday, February 21, 2011

So, what do you want to be...?

No one asks me this anymore....yeah well, another sign of growing old:-) ?Don't we all remember the time when we were asked this question all the time! Teachers, friends, parents, grand-parents,relatives(yes, more so the pesty ones)...and of course, we did indeed pose the same question to ourselves a hundred times! What will I be some day? Oh, this was a query so filled with delightful promises of a future still hidden but so within reach! Yes, there were doubts, the answer also changed from time to time...but it was all there for us to grab and become what we wanted to be.
Having a bit of creative flair (& a sense of drama!) and coming from a family which didn't think pursuit of any dream however unconventional was to be discouraged, my answers covered a wide range from dancer,writer,actress...to air-hostess,receptionist and even secretary!!! I did write for my school newspaper... and I danced an awful lot, on stage and also off it:-)
So, coming back to the question, what I realised when I look back is that in most of us there was a maverick dream, something inspired...I mean very few of us wanted to be an accountant,a manager or a bank official! Growing up has its pit-falls...and such dreams are perhaps its first causality.
Yes, ambitions do change, become modified or sometimes plain inability or lack of right opportunities stop us from doing what we once thought "we were born to do".
So, here I am...all matured, wizened up and mom of two...and why do I think of this today? Maybe because inside me there is still this tiny-miny voice asking me, what do you want to be now. And I believe most of us still do think of this....is this my calling in life? Familiar, isn't it? Even today thick in the middle of life, busy with job, kids, socializing, we still sometimes get jolted by this sudden thought, this ain't my calling..this is not what I wanted to do.
I also believe that we can still connect to that youthful person within us and bring some of that dream to life, and even if we can't ,this question itself still can inspire us to some new adventure!
...and while we are on the topic of what we wanted to be when we were young and adventurous, did I mention that I also wanted to marry Shahrukh ...well that is one dream which is not meant to be:-)

Monday, February 09, 2009


I recently read something which I have always believed in , nevertheless, it provoked my thoughts to an extent where I just had to write about it and share my feelings.

Marriage is the logical outcome of a relationship based on love. But what happens when the marriage becomes love-less, or if the marriage was never based on love but on convenience (say an arranged match)? Is it logical and justified then, to look for love outside marriage? Morality and social laws call it adultery and term it contemptible. I, as some others like me, beg to differ, of course...and this is what I want to talk about here. It is easy to pass judgement on others within the confines of social and moral rules, but difficult to understand certain feelings and action performed outside the realm of accepted behaviour. It is so because then you have to form your own rules and that may alienate you from others. that's the great fear we live with , even in considerably liberated and modern society.

What I read in this regard says: "Adultery is not a sin...but to live in a love-less marriage is definitely a sin."
Why? Because I believe marriage is an intimate relationship based on love and trust...and if these are missing and one is stuck in a marriage out of social duty, then, in principle,doesn't one defile this relationship and is that not a sin? The moral commitment has to be to love not be dutiful and deceive, even if it is emotional infidelity's.

Our moral fiber and upbringing , defined by certain social rules, tell us differently and teaches us to be outraged by any such unconventional behaviour. But look at literature, art, movies...the greatest works have been about adulterous relationships. Not because it is about adultery but because it is about love and all great love stories break rules. Cases in point are , "Wuthering heights", Madame Bovary", "Anna Karenina". Look at these protagonists, they are not some lukewarm characters but passionate women who pursue their love and desires, even outside marriage. Yes, my critics may point out that in almost all these cases, women do not end up happy...but that's is more because of desperation than a just end to immoral behaviour. "Wuthering heights" is actually taught in colleges...so i mean we read about this great and complex love of Catherine and Heathcliff...get our imagination really fired up..and then settle for some insipid dutiful marriage instead of a passionate one? Is that fair? Follow your heart and give vent to your emotions..isn't that the expression of great artistic work?

What will it be to live in absence of love? A poignant picture which comes to my mind when i think of love-less situations is Aishwarya in climax scene of the movie "Taal", singing "Ishq bina main..ishq bina..hoon main ishq bina"...oh to live without love (when she agrees to marry Anil kapoor, not the man she loves...and thought and a life without love distresses her).
So imagine being in a marriage where duty abound but no love, no passion...and then imagine someone else offering you a life of your dreams filled with what you had desired years earlier. What will you choose then? Is it easier , rather right, to follow your sense of duty, morality and commitment or being brave and step outside and reach to another hand extended to you?

I do not know how to end this piece I am writing...there is no easy an simple way and I am not writing to teach a certain example...but just to share what I am feeling right now..maybe a bit clumsily! Maybe it will provoke you to think differently, and a bit restless.
So here's hoping...:-)

After ages we saw a movie which not only entertained but also evoked lot of thoughts, feeling and conversation! I have always enjoyed interesting love stories...but Dev D. is a love story with a difference. With its slightly off-centre take on love and lust, it completely captured my imagination.

Anurag Kashyap's Dev D, though loosely inspired by Sharatchandra's Devdas, is completely original, irreverent and innovative. It shows Dev (devdas), the protagonist, as he truly is, ...a tragically flawed character...in love, mostly with himself, spoilt , clueless and misguided. In the original devdas, the hero loses two powerful and great loves of his life , Paro and Chandramukhi. through his own follies and weak character.

The promos on air had already intrigued me with its edgy and new look...and some great music. So we just had to watch it on the first day of its release.

What I loved the most about the movie are its two heroines, Paro and chanda, who make and break their own rules in love. They are fiery, independent, passionate and not afraid to show their sensual nature....unlike dev who is bogged down by too many negative feelings. Having said that, I found Abahy deol's portrayal of Dev very interesting and different.Though mean and weak in most parts, his vulnerability makes you reach out to him with tenderness...a character torn apart by his own short-comings.When you see Dev scorn Paro's love, then trip on heady drugs and cocktails and destroy himself with self-loathing, you do hate him, pity him but at the same time you want to shake him up, hold his hand and lead him to sanity.
Add to it the fact that class differences or parental disagreements are not the reason for dev and paro's fall-out but the very nature of dev...and you have the makings of a very interesting love story...different from the usual bollywood fares.

The movie is path-breaking for its use of a new edgy language (for hindi cinema), engaging screenplay, sharp editing ,excellent script and great music. The music , by a debutant, deserves special attention. The sounds, inspired by folk (punjabi and rajasthani), and mixed with hip-hop, rock etc, are absolutely unique and trippy.

The two new actresses are the finds of this year and I wish to see them more and more. How brave they must be and how trusting in Anurag Kashyap's abilities as a director to take on (in their first movie), completely unconventional roles...redefining the heroine of hindi film world. Far from being coy, submissive or self-pitying, they are the new women who are spontaneous, demonstrate their passion with elan, are strong and decide their own fate. How fresh is that!
Personally, i find the scene where Paro breaks into full-on dance, at her own wedding, (on being prompted by relatives) so poignant. There is something very humorous, but at the same time, sad ,about that moment which I am unable to express in words.
Kalki portrays the delicious Chanda interestingly, imparting to the character a unique mix of innocence and sensuality. She is young and sexy...with a mouth that can a launch a million male fantasies:-) (no pun intended)!

Though off-beat, the movie is certainly engaging and touching..with a healthy dose of humour, which is natural, albeit dark in nature.
Here is a movie for the true lover of love in its various hues...not the faint-hearted, for sure...but for the brave! So go and enjoy...set yourself free,break some rules...even if only in your mind!

Monday, February 18, 2008


As I read the very frequent articles in newspapers and glossy magazines on love/ attraction, I realise how the great "myth" about love is getting demystified!!!

So, that flush of new-found love is nothing but a feeling induced by chemicals..dopamine and some others....which are actually similar to what you experience on comsuming cocaine! There we were thinking how special this amazingly heady feeling is...and now we know, it is what your brain is producing not your heart( but at least we know that love does "intoxicate" you..."pehla nasha"..so true)! If this was not all ...scientists and researchers have proven that this feeling lasts for a maximum of about 18 months. Hmmm.....well, you can't be "high" all your life.

We all remember and cherish the first stirrings of romance we felt...the days spent in a haze of day-dreams after meeting someone....when we floated through the boring every-day routine, waiting for evening to begin....when just sitting next to that "someone",brought a rush of unexpected desire. Yes..you do remember and so do I.

As this "high" settles in a comfort zone...we look at other avenues to rejuvenate us...a baby, a new city, a house bought together, vacations...!
But I do wonder at times...so is that feeling of being intoxicated in love never to be experienced again? Why cant we go through "falling in love" all over again with the same person?
Oh yes...may be I am "addicted" to the first flush of love..maybe that is what makes my heart flutter at times when i suddenly see chandru...like the other day at kailash kher's concert, I turned to say something to chandru and was struck by how attractive he is..this man I fell in love with 9 years ago!! I longed once more to just hold his hand in mine while we listened to kailash belt out "Ishq ka jaadu sar chadh kar bole..teri diwani".