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Monday, March 26, 2007

Lately when I talk with friends, aquaintances, relatives, I feel there is a shield around people....as if there is an elsatic wall in front of them which bounce my words back at me....mixed with certain words of their own....which may or may not be relavant at all to what I was saying! It is like talking "at" people, not "to" them.

No one wants to listen, people are not "interested" anymore in other's lives, their experiences...all they want is to talk about themselves. Even before I can finish what I want to say, I can see their mind working fast , running ahead to say something which is of interest to them. Empty eyes, even emptier words!
I remember my younger, simpler days when I actually used to have conversations, not a contest on who can come up with better "stories". Today time ticks fast, we hurry by everything, even words are hurried...losing their meaning. When I talk with friends, I find myself desparately clutching on the thread of conversation, trying to make some sense out of all this "oh, but u listen to this...."
I remember when conversations were fun, sharing of thoughts, some meaningful, some not so much.....over forgotten cups of tea getting cold, while our thoughts simmered into words.
So what has changed? As we grow older, do we lose patience with others..and their lives...so preoccupied with ourselevs that we just want to "tell" what is ours, while pretending to "listen" to our friends?? Or the pressure of urban consumerist life is such that it is more importnt to hear our own words than listen to others? Or obsession with self has become the way of life?
I feel suffocated at times, choked with irrelavant words......tired!
Come friends, lets talk once again....listen to each other, there is no contest here, no pretense...we talk to be heard...and we listen to understand...lets discover the joy of conversation!

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rajita said...

I understand what you are trying to say...and this is what worries me now..not just about others..but about myself too

Cos we have grown stoic..devoid of experiencing anythign new..oblivious to the magic and wonder of each day

We have started feeling that everything that was there to know and experience..we have gone past that..and now anything else which the other person says is a repetition of what we already know..we are not seeking anymore..we are not opening up anymore

It is as if listening to others will waste whatever time I have to speak about myself

I can take it if others have become like this..but its saddening to admit that at times I also become like that...and so have you