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Friday, March 30, 2007

Relationships have always intrigued me, right from when I was young...then I struggled to understand the equations between grown-ups (sometimes even eveasdropping on their conversations)...and now still wonder at the complexities behind what appears so simple.

Sometimes I want to unravel all the threads wrapped around relationships and see the core underneath, untempered with , raw! Oh, but wait....will that be a simple truth or another mesh of entangled thoughts and emotions...complexes and insecurities, love mingled with hate, passion mixed with indiffference?

I see a couple, married for long, and so much in love....no hint of fatigue of the years gone by, playful, loving, content. So then, why sometimes I see the woman's eyes fill with some unknown longing of the past...of the days gone by...yearning to feel once again the delicious uncertainities of those days? What can I call this irrrational urge I see in her.....to be in the arms of the man she loves the most and yet want him? She looks at this man, searches his face and sees what she has always seen. For him, she is the most desirable woman, the magic of his life, his music, his muse..and she knows then that this is the core of her life..........All her wanderings and yearnings end here and here only.
I meet friends, who married for love, against odds..and today I see them saying things to needle each other. Behind the facade of polite humor, jabbing each other with words and gestures , chosen carefully, aiming where it can do most damage. Demand of polite society makes me also laugh at the so-called "jokes" but I cringe inside. What changes so much between two loving poeple that love gives way to this animosity...this everlasting battle? I want to remind them of the time when all they wanted was to be with each other.........now they carefuly plot to put other people between them, so that the damage done is done under covers.
Is it marriage that changes feelings, replacing thrill and tenderness with scorn, indifference, impatience? Does the mundane take away from the sublime?
There are some couple I have seen, who come to life only in others' company...just being with each other is not interesting or exciting enough. It is when they see themselves through other, more interesting eyes that they feel reassured of their desiribilty. Maybe they need this outside influenece to spice up their , by now, mundane, predicatble love life.
Equations are ever changing....so is love. It changes its nature, its cover, from passion to tenderness, from attentive to indifferent, from sublime to mundane.
When I think and mull over all this, what I remember most is what Chandru once told me...."It is easy to say that love is over, love has changed...what love needs is a commitment to nurture it always, though its different stages, its different moods, then it grows..up and beyond life". He always surprises me, saying things which calm me immediately, puts my troubled mind to rest.

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