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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I believe I live a full life, a life which has love, comforts (material and emotional), excitement, the ordinary and the not-so-ordinary. A husband who loves me to distraction and who I am immensely proud of, a lovely daughter who brings me complete joy, loving and supportive parents and siblings, a career which lets me balance work and home, friends...and then so much more which ctually cannot be put down in words! Still, when on some days, when the going is not so great, or there is some spanner in the smooth flow of life, I find myself complaining, comparing my life with others and feeling inadequate. At such times Chandru is always by my side, telling me things are just fine and we have the best of everything...bad times come and go...but do I really pay heed to him...hmmm not really!
I am contemplating over all this today coz of a meeting I had with a long-forgotten friend yesterday. We were together in NIFT, delhi. She was in a different course, but we shared the same chummery...I also knew her from school, she was a good friend of my younger sister. Though we were, and still are, two different personalities, we grew close and always had a fantastic time in the hostel (partly because of some shared memories of patna days, as well).
I remember her as a vivacious girl, so full of beans (and eager to spill them), super-confident, popular (more so with the male), attractive and affectionate. The time we spent together seems full of radiance for the sheer joy she brought to people all around her. Oh, but don't be mistaken,she was no genial genie.... she was also sharp with words when she wanted to, cutting those who hurt her.
One may think..ok so she was fun-loving smart girl...so what set her apart? What made her different (apart from everything else) was the disease she grappled with. She was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 19 or so! When I met her , one of her leg was already affected and gave her lot of trouble..she had to use a leg brace to walk properly (and that also was not easy).
Can we imagine what it will be like to be a young , carefree, talented girl..all of 18-19, popular and smart...and suddenly find our life changed so drastically? To be reminded of the disease which cripples you with every step that you take, to meet the pitiful eyes of your own classmates, to have to drop a year to cope with all this, to make an effort to catch up with those who you had actually left behind?? No, it is not easy to imagine all this.
Here I saw this girl, spirited and confident, coping with all this with so much dignity and strength. No, 'coping' would perhaps be the wrong word. She still lived her life fully, playfully, without regrets. Nothing stopped her, no, not even her ever-turbulent relationships. I rememeber those hostel days, sitting late in the nights, having cups and cups of teas, while we gossiped about all the ever-changing affairs of the Nift-ians. Oh, and I rememeber the read -aloud mill & boon sessions, where she read out the passionate scenes aloud, hamming all the way, in that funny way of hers, while we rolled in laughter. Ah and how could I forget, flooding the living room with buckets and bucktes of water in the summers, and frolicking in it...and yes also saving money and going to the discos, shopping in sarojini nagar!
Then time flew and we lost touch. She finally quit NIFT because of her health problems .I found her on orkut, around 10 years later.....and that brought back a flood of memories.
Then I met her yesterday. She was much the same..a joy to be with, but yes, more matured and settled. Of course a lot has changed in the past 10-11 years...but not her inherent personality. She finally lost her leg (had to go for amputation)...been through some more tumultous relationships....but nothing took her sheer passion for life away from her! After everything, she completed and MBA course, and is doing well in her career, living on her own and enjoying herself.
There are not many people I know like her and I feel special to be her friend.


RandomFlickers said...

Was going thru your blog, couldnt help talking, do let me know if my intrusion is unwelcome.

A few lines that have forever tormented me seem apt ..

"Passion chokes the flower
Till it cries no more ..
Possessing all the beauty it hungers still for more ..."

Often inspite of all the beauty in our own lives, we hanker for more, maybe there is nothing wrong with it as long as we remember to be in gratitude for what we already have ... or maybe the very quest for life is the contentment on the final day when we close our eyes and make a "hopefully" quite exit ..

What we search for and want as we struggle with our own internal demons seems to subjective ..

Felt nice reading .. all the posts ...

On Autopilot said...

Good heavens, that's me you've written about! Interesting to read about myself from another person's point of view.