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Monday, February 18, 2008


As I read the very frequent articles in newspapers and glossy magazines on love/ attraction, I realise how the great "myth" about love is getting demystified!!!

So, that flush of new-found love is nothing but a feeling induced by chemicals..dopamine and some others....which are actually similar to what you experience on comsuming cocaine! There we were thinking how special this amazingly heady feeling is...and now we know, it is what your brain is producing not your heart( but at least we know that love does "intoxicate" you..."pehla nasha"..so true)! If this was not all ...scientists and researchers have proven that this feeling lasts for a maximum of about 18 months. Hmmm.....well, you can't be "high" all your life.

We all remember and cherish the first stirrings of romance we felt...the days spent in a haze of day-dreams after meeting someone....when we floated through the boring every-day routine, waiting for evening to begin....when just sitting next to that "someone",brought a rush of unexpected desire. Yes..you do remember and so do I.

As this "high" settles in a comfort zone...we look at other avenues to rejuvenate us...a baby, a new city, a house bought together, vacations...!
But I do wonder at times...so is that feeling of being intoxicated in love never to be experienced again? Why cant we go through "falling in love" all over again with the same person?
Oh yes...may be I am "addicted" to the first flush of love..maybe that is what makes my heart flutter at times when i suddenly see chandru...like the other day at kailash kher's concert, I turned to say something to chandru and was struck by how attractive he is..this man I fell in love with 9 years ago!! I longed once more to just hold his hand in mine while we listened to kailash belt out "Ishq ka jaadu sar chadh kar bole..teri diwani".


~anu~ said...

Hey Annu di! Its now that i realize what date it is today. I am sure you would have slept off, so this sounds like a good fallback option :)
Wish you a very very happy birthday! :)

And yes - I love your blog.

RandomFlickers said...
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Rajita said...

Lucky you..that you feel the same at times..and I hope he feels the same for you..
But sometimes I wonder is love about someone overpowering us..or something which we can't attain?
so in a relationship one who we feel is above us(in any respect) always derives the initial feelings of longign and intoxication..and the one who is lesser...can never do that

KD Singh said...

Annu Di, thanks for writing the blog again.

I am a novice as far as love is concerned. I would not try to philosophies or scientifically demystify what initiates this heady feeling. I believe when love happens all theories, rationalities and scientific explanations are meaningless. It is not controlling or winning over the other person, it is the innocence in which one in love lose rationality and want to gives mind, body and soul to the object of your affection.

A phone call or just a text message from the person you love brightens your entire being and absence of it makes it another day you wish you were not alive. When in love you float through life and when dejected you drag.

For some people who are incapable of giving themselves in love, it just becomes a game. Where they play with tact’s and destroy innocence of love for their mean sensual gratification and material objectives. One after another game of seduction, skepticism, meanness and promiscuity defines there individuality. They become incapable of experiencing that high or true love.

They make love an art of flirting and an object of skepticism unworthy of the respect love deserves.

To Rajita's skepticism..the love that parents feel for a new born who is totally dependent and entirely theirs, where is the sense of un-attainability or feeling of superiority?

Annu Di is there any unintentional feeling greater than becoming a mother or being a father you and Chandru have ever experienced togather.

Sagar said...

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Rajita said...
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