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Monday, February 09, 2009


After ages we saw a movie which not only entertained but also evoked lot of thoughts, feeling and conversation! I have always enjoyed interesting love stories...but Dev D. is a love story with a difference. With its slightly off-centre take on love and lust, it completely captured my imagination.

Anurag Kashyap's Dev D, though loosely inspired by Sharatchandra's Devdas, is completely original, irreverent and innovative. It shows Dev (devdas), the protagonist, as he truly is, ...a tragically flawed character...in love, mostly with himself, spoilt , clueless and misguided. In the original devdas, the hero loses two powerful and great loves of his life , Paro and Chandramukhi. through his own follies and weak character.

The promos on air had already intrigued me with its edgy and new look...and some great music. So we just had to watch it on the first day of its release.

What I loved the most about the movie are its two heroines, Paro and chanda, who make and break their own rules in love. They are fiery, independent, passionate and not afraid to show their sensual nature....unlike dev who is bogged down by too many negative feelings. Having said that, I found Abahy deol's portrayal of Dev very interesting and different.Though mean and weak in most parts, his vulnerability makes you reach out to him with tenderness...a character torn apart by his own short-comings.When you see Dev scorn Paro's love, then trip on heady drugs and cocktails and destroy himself with self-loathing, you do hate him, pity him but at the same time you want to shake him up, hold his hand and lead him to sanity.
Add to it the fact that class differences or parental disagreements are not the reason for dev and paro's fall-out but the very nature of dev...and you have the makings of a very interesting love story...different from the usual bollywood fares.

The movie is path-breaking for its use of a new edgy language (for hindi cinema), engaging screenplay, sharp editing ,excellent script and great music. The music , by a debutant, deserves special attention. The sounds, inspired by folk (punjabi and rajasthani), and mixed with hip-hop, rock etc, are absolutely unique and trippy.

The two new actresses are the finds of this year and I wish to see them more and more. How brave they must be and how trusting in Anurag Kashyap's abilities as a director to take on (in their first movie), completely unconventional roles...redefining the heroine of hindi film world. Far from being coy, submissive or self-pitying, they are the new women who are spontaneous, demonstrate their passion with elan, are strong and decide their own fate. How fresh is that!
Personally, i find the scene where Paro breaks into full-on dance, at her own wedding, (on being prompted by relatives) so poignant. There is something very humorous, but at the same time, sad ,about that moment which I am unable to express in words.
Kalki portrays the delicious Chanda interestingly, imparting to the character a unique mix of innocence and sensuality. She is young and sexy...with a mouth that can a launch a million male fantasies:-) (no pun intended)!

Though off-beat, the movie is certainly engaging and touching..with a healthy dose of humour, which is natural, albeit dark in nature.
Here is a movie for the true lover of love in its various hues...not the faint-hearted, for sure...but for the brave! So go and enjoy...set yourself free,break some rules...even if only in your mind!


- Random Flickers said...

Seems like worth a watch, most of the movies are let downs as I see them - Keep posting!

- Random Flickers said...

Watched Dev D a couple of days ago in Satyam theater chennai. Enjoyed the movie, and I mention the theater because I felt the sound track was phenomenal
in the context of the movie. Not sure if it was the sound system in the theater, have to hear it outside and see where it leads.

And then I came back to re-read your blog and share my view point. The movie itself can be seen in different ways, I will save my view points for my own learning. But here are a few things I would like to share though.

If evolution is true, then what is the point of all romance? Isnt it sex? Of course we always look for shared values because ultimately it is these shared
values that sustain a relationship outside sex by giving pleasure. And if shared strongly enough, they might even lead to a shared purpose and hence self
esteem. Fidelity then becomes by default, because there are no needs left that can be addressed outside (unless you intend to be frivulous, which is fine
as well because you cant sustain it too long anyhow and hence it forms only a part of your own learning curve).

But then this also opens another avenue, can there be only one person who can offer you both sex and shared values? If no, cant you fall in love more than
once? Isnt it the need for undeserved ownership that the society is built on that enforces fidelity? Isnt it what Dev D suffered with Paro initially?

Ultimately, though the flaws represented in the characters of the movie are not gender specific, they essentially outline something important. What would
a man not do for the woman he loves? What would a woman not do for the man she loves? Yet, and rightly so, what wouldnt a man or woman do to address his
own needs (sex and self respect in this case)? The closest to unconditional love that humans can get to is that of a mother for her child, though it
might sometimes be married to security and needs too (at least when the child becomes an adult) it takes nothing away from the love itself.

Which is why I dont buy the argument that dev d only lusted Paro. I can however, buy the argument that dev d matured into his second relationship (he could
reject paro for her infidelity, yet accept a prostitute for shared values and pain - unless you want to see that as his further degeneration at being
a loser :)).

Can there be un-loving once you love? To me there cant be, yet you can safely severe what you feel is a festering wound and move on - provided your reasons
for moving on are right.

To me Loving what you get and getting what you love are both pro-life and offer no contradiction. Former ends suffering dispassionately, the latter drives
life passionately. Both of which are essential for a meaningful living. Yet what happenes when you get what you love without those shared values or for that matter love what you get without the shared values? Can what dosent challenge you sustain your interest? Wont that which challenges you beyond your capability intimidate you? Where can love be in all this?

By the way it was either a very mature director who snipped off Paro's infidelity to Dev at the start of the movie or a very smart editor. It would make a
mature director because he achieves two things: a) Paro's possible infidelity multiple times before she met dev b) The presentation of sex as a strong need
irrespective of love (which itself could be a need when its directed to others). Something that ends the movie consistently.

If its not the director, then its a very smart editor because it furthers the cause of the movie by pushing forward a visual of Dev's path to infidelity
and thereby making him look like the loser he is expected to be. Though Dev dosent go ahead with the act, Paro thinks otherwise. Though paro loves dev,
he thinks otherwise (interestingly these flaws are not gender specific either - I have seen vice versa in life).

In either case, isnt it how we look at others in life? We make judgements preceed investigation because we refuse to trust and project
fake morality that isnt there in reality. Ultimately fidelity becomes by default when all the barriers fall, Dev might have taken his time, but
that dosent make him a loser. Life is always about fun and learning.


PS - I enjoyed Paro's jig too, and remembered you when seeing it!

- Random Flickers said...

I would also like to refer you to the blog of a very young girl I respect and admire for her writing abilities. She is all of 17 but writes like magic. Her style isnt flawless, yet she has the ability to learn what she needs to learn. Life has dished out a lot of shit and she is in pain, I can see her innocence die, but the optimist that I am, there is always good to come.