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Monday, February 28, 2011

Conversations...or Not!

Overheard in my gym locker room (golf course club)....here goes:
2 women who have just showered and are getting dressed---

Woman 1 (taking her watch etc out of the locker and putting them on)---- Oh see what I got with my "kitty" money this time, a diamond pendant. (Flashes her new pendant) You know I thought why buy clothes etc, I mean at least this has some value!

Woman 2 (checking out the pendant thoroughly and then with a nonchalant expression)---Well, I don't know...I mean I do not buy or wear jewelry as such..except Solitaires. I realised my personal preference and ...also solitaires are the most "valuable" of all jewellery. See these earrings I got on Diwali.
(Now, here please note total lack of any comment on the pendant shown by her friend woman 1)

Woman 1 (looking like a deflated balloon but quickly gathering her forces around)---Yes, true, they do look graceful but one must have variety also...and have you moved to your Aralia house (probably the most sought after address in the city today) already? We also want to buy property there...though 'i do not know..i mean we are so used to living in big bungalow, having lived in delhi earlier, you see. We will move maybe, but still i will never sell this house.

(See, she was down but not out. By immediately changing the topic to Aralias, she at once declared intentions to buy a flat in one of the most expensive properties, flaunted her high-life in a huge bungalow and also established that acquisition in Aralias will not come at the cost of her old home....see she could afford both)

Woman 2 (looking bored while thinking of a quick and better come-back)---there are hardly any flats available for sale now....people love it here so much, plus its a great investment. Also, flats are soooo big that you need at least 3-4 domestic help. 

(Desperately she tried to establish her social superiority, even if it means implying more number of servants in the house:-)).

By now my sense of humour was stretched to its limits...enough silent laughs, irritation was taking over so I decided to quietly walk out ..(anyway I could not pretend to brush my hair anymore while silently listening to this totally whacked-out exchange!

The above is real, my friends, no embellishments! A small example of conversations in modern suburban India. Depressing, but true!

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