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Monday, February 21, 2011

So, what do you want to be...?

No one asks me this anymore....yeah well, another sign of growing old:-) ?Don't we all remember the time when we were asked this question all the time! Teachers, friends, parents, grand-parents,relatives(yes, more so the pesty ones)...and of course, we did indeed pose the same question to ourselves a hundred times! What will I be some day? Oh, this was a query so filled with delightful promises of a future still hidden but so within reach! Yes, there were doubts, the answer also changed from time to time...but it was all there for us to grab and become what we wanted to be.
Having a bit of creative flair (& a sense of drama!) and coming from a family which didn't think pursuit of any dream however unconventional was to be discouraged, my answers covered a wide range from dancer,writer,actress...to air-hostess,receptionist and even secretary!!! I did write for my school newspaper... and I danced an awful lot, on stage and also off it:-)
So, coming back to the question, what I realised when I look back is that in most of us there was a maverick dream, something inspired...I mean very few of us wanted to be an accountant,a manager or a bank official! Growing up has its pit-falls...and such dreams are perhaps its first causality.
Yes, ambitions do change, become modified or sometimes plain inability or lack of right opportunities stop us from doing what we once thought "we were born to do".
So, here I am...all matured, wizened up and mom of two...and why do I think of this today? Maybe because inside me there is still this tiny-miny voice asking me, what do you want to be now. And I believe most of us still do think of this....is this my calling in life? Familiar, isn't it? Even today thick in the middle of life, busy with job, kids, socializing, we still sometimes get jolted by this sudden thought, this ain't my calling..this is not what I wanted to do.
I also believe that we can still connect to that youthful person within us and bring some of that dream to life, and even if we can't ,this question itself still can inspire us to some new adventure!
...and while we are on the topic of what we wanted to be when we were young and adventurous, did I mention that I also wanted to marry Shahrukh ...well that is one dream which is not meant to be:-)


Lakshmi said...

Abs.. you know what ...7 hrs back before going to bed I said these exact words to my darling hubby "I wanna do something"...I meant my dreams :-)and thats many many in the wish list....

chandrasekar said...

Very insightful my dear. Pretty much, a retrospectively self evident truth as most of your readers would say or realise. ur understanding and interpretation of human emotions is quite delightful. As i always say, u could have been a social or a human commentator easily ( oops is that what u wanted to be ?? )
Hey that question " what i want to be ? " is just about the immense possibilities life has to offer, it doesnt have anything to do with age as much as our state of mind. R'ber the old french couple we met in the train from Paris to Nice. They started to pursue their dreams at the age of 80.
May be the answer to this question is not to look back and see what we answered through our life, but to just start afresh and pursue the dreams closest to our heart. May be the next time we touch this subject we are all what we wanted to be :-)
Cheers !

Sagar said...

Annu Di, Loved this blog from you. Mostly because I could relate to it in so many ways and somehow feel happy that I have been experimental and brave(foolish some may say).....but the core issue still remains " is this what I want to do??"

So much agree with Chandru also...there are things which cant be undone no matter how hard we wish but we can always start afresh towards realizing our dreams.

I will try to write too...someday.