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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

If I could...Musings on a cold, grey day...

I have always had mixed feeling about these cloudy, cold, grey looking days. On some such days, it dampens my spirits so, the dullness seems to seep into the core of my soul, casting a gloomy shadow over everything. Everything looks bleak...unpromising..a dreadful shadow of a life looms over me. Well, I am not one of these cheerful optimists (who sometimes tire me with their over-bright outlook)...so no surprises there!
Then again, strangely, I actually enjoy some such days. They may not be sunny and lively but an odd day like this seems so..well..." mine". It resonates somewhere with an inner me...with its romantic air, a mysterious sadness about it.....a stillness about it which attracts me, like its inner eye has seen it all and so it cannot prance around with the sun shining bright.
Well, today is not one of those days...it's depressing me!!So here I am, on a dull, cloudy day, wishing it were not so dreary....and while I look at the cheerless world through my window, I wonder what can I do, if I could, to make it beautiful. Here's my wish list, what is yours?

1.Pretend I am seventeen again and day-dream about the unending possibilities of my future. Write my imaginary life through many alternative endings:-)

2.Call my best friend, open a bottle of wine and just talk....make like really frilly, frivolous conversation...long into the night!

3.Call my husband home from office , in the middle of the day, feel really special and paint the town red with him...exploring some new exotic eatery, shopping, getting spoilt!

4.Someone makes me a hot cup of ginger tea and I lounge around the house with my favorite piece of fiction!

5.Someone with intense eyes reads Pablo Neruda's poetry to me...(Is Chandru reading this..:-))

6.Some serious retail therapy in luxurious stores which smell divine and make you feel so special......the likes of LV and Jimmy Choo!

7.Watch my favorite movies...and rewind to watch Amitabh and Rekha smoulder in Silsila again and again!

...these are on my list. I am sure we all have one...a list of things we would do on a day like this to brighten the spirits. So, tell me yours!


Viveik Pandit said...

i like your thought process and the way you transform that on to paper. a more disciplined and focused approach can catapult you to a real pro league. trust me!

Barleyjuice said...

Cold and cloudy days do have a magic quite their own - going for a walk in search of hot coffee, that's my favourite ona day like this. A very evocative piece.